Just for Students

As a student, you are part of an exclusive community. GraduDate is all about letting you connect with that community. The app gives you the option to search for strictly platonic or strictly romantic connections, but gives you the freedom to switch between the two. It even lets you see events on your campus and who's going.

Other apps let you add your school in your profile, and while you'll maybe see someone who goes to your school, you'll see a lot of people who don't. Even if you do see them, there's no guarantee they actually go to your school or if they're even real.

Our account creation process also inherently verifies each user that joins the app. This means no scammers, and no bots. This makes GraduDate safer than nearly every other available social networking app.

Friends or Dating

Don't you hate it when people on dating apps are "just looking for friends"? Or when you're actually looking for friends and people just want to hook up? That's why GraduDate has two modes for students looking for friends or dating.

Students looking for friends are only shown other students looking for friends, and students looking for dating are only shown other students looking for dating. You're only shown people looking for the same type of connection you are. You can even switch between these two modes whenever you want if you change your mind.

We've tried other apps. We hate them.

That's why we've implemented a range of features that solve the most common complaints you'll see across every other platform.

Our Report Card feature helps keep you from getting ghosted, or getting lazy one-word replies from people who can't hold a conversation. GraduDate also uses a unique matching algorithm to ensure that profiles you see are fresh and active.

Whether you're just starting your college journey or nearing graduation, GraduDate is the perfect way to meet new people and expand your social circle. So why settle for generic dating apps when you can join the exclusive community of GraduDate, where education and romance go hand in hand.

Download GraduDate now and start your journey to finding the perfect match!