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1) Exclusivity

GraduDate is exclusive to students who are attending post-secondary school. Students who sign up get to connect with people who attend the same school as them. With nearly 10,000 schools supported, nearly any student around the world can sign up and start connecting with their campus community!

2) Friends Mode

Many other apps don't have friends mode. A lot of the ones that do function essentially the same as the standard dating mode. GraduDate lets users choose what they're looking for in two mutually exclusive modes that can be switched between at will. Having two exclusive modes removes the overlap between relationship/friendship goals, meaning it's that much easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

3) Matching Algorithm

Many other apps use unfair elo-based algorithms that hide your profile behind better-performing users. GraduDate's matching algorithm rewards users who use the app often. This means that your success on the app can be greatly increased just by simple usage, rather than complicated analysis on your profile success and contents.

4) Events

A big part of student life are the events that happen around campus. How can you hear about them? How do you know who's going? You can find out through GraduDate!

5) Report Card

GraduDate's Report Card lets you see how a user behaves on the app before you match with them, letting you filter out users who don't take the app as seriously as you do. This one simple feature prevents ghosting and promotes genuine connections, rewarding users for their integrity and continued improvement.

6) Field Trip

GraduDate gives you the option to connect with other like-minded students all around the world! With Field Trip enabled, you can make connections beyond your campus, letting you meet people who attend different schools.

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